my little sister Angelina
To tell this story the correct way, I have to start at the dollforum. The dollforum isn't just about Realdolls, it's about all kinds of dolls. Among other things, we have a Japanese doll section there, with lots of manufacturers and nice dolls. However, me and my friend never cared that much about the Japanese section. This changed dramatically on Monday, 5th June 2006. A few days ago, somebody started a new thread on the Japanese forum, posting a link to some Japanese doll that he didn't know, asking if anybody knows those dolls.
my little sister is an Erie Beauty On 5th June, me and my friend happened to read the thread. And suddenly there she was, this cute sexy Asian beauty goddess... My friend was in love with her at once, and he wanted to get me such a cute little Asian sister. Of course I called my friend crazy, I told him that I'm his doll and that I won't tolerate other dolls, I reminded him that he checked the "jealous-option" on my order form, and I offered him to kick his ass. But no way, my friend was in love with this Erie Beauty doll.
The following days we had endless discussions how to interprete that "jealous-option" meaning no other dolls round here. Maybe it means "no other dolls", or maybe just "no other Realdolls", or whatever... My friend said he doesn't want another Realdoll, he just saw this doll and is in love bigtime. He was able to convince me that this won't change our love, and that this Erie dolly shouldn't be considered to be a rival. Finally I had to see that a doll's job is to make her friend happy, and my friend wanted me to allow him to get this doll. At least he asked for my allowance, and he wouldn't have ordered without my permission. So in the end, I admitted and accepted that such an Erie dolly might be a good idea.
My friend explained that she's no rival in any way, but that such an Erie dolly would more like be a good and reasonable addition to me. See, I'm a Caucasian girl, combining European beauty with a huge touch of exotic beauty. But I'm for sure not Asian. Even if I wanted to be Asian, I'm not. And this Erie dolly is Asian, but even if she wanted to, she couldn't be European. Like that, we're not rivals. Next, my heavy ass weighs 52 kg. Silicone is the ultimate material for realistic dolls, it seems, but it's heavy. So I'm a beautiful doll, but difficult to move, which takes quite some fun away from my friend. Then again, this Erie Beauty is just 4 kg. She's less realistic than me, so she's no rival, but she can be moved easily. Seeing all this, I accepted that it's indeed more a reasonable addition, not rivals.
With weeks going by and my friend saving some money, I accepted the idea, and I more and more felt confortable with the thought of getting such a little Asian sister. If my friend tried to move me for difficult poses for pictures or sex, which he can't do properly because I weigh that much, he would sooner or later damage me due to badly prepared moves. Considering this, getting a light weight sister even contributes to my safety and durability. Then she can do all those difficult stunt scenes, no problem for her. So if you see things like this, getting me such a little Asian sister is even a form of true love towards me. In addition to all this, she's just a doll, like me. She can't take my friend away from me. And hey, we dolls have to stick together.
Some weeks later, I finally gave my okay, what made my friend very happy. We just had to get the money together, with him still paying back money that RealMom gave him to order me, and we had to find out how to order such a little Erie dolly, because the manufacturer only ships to Japanese people. This is where the dollforum comes in again, and where we found out about Tabo, a nice Japanese doll fan who will order dolly for you if you just trust him and send him the money.
On 2nd March 2007 my friend had most of the money needed, and he just needed another very small loan from RealMom. So we went to the bank and wired the money to Tabo. On 5th March the money finally left my friend's account to arrive on Tabo's account on 8th March. Tabo ordered our Erie Beauty sister immediately. When she arrived at his place, he exported her on 19th March, and my little sister hit German territory on 21st March. After a few days of customs, transport to our hometown Dortmund and customs harassment, we finally had my sister home on 28th March 2007. And I have to admit that this doll is really cute indeed.
So in the end, I think both me and my little sister are very lucky to have found such a nice friend. As I already said, we dolls have to stick together. I had a nice friend to share, so why not get such a little doll and give her a good home... We now do "friend sharing" and enjoy ourselves a lot.
my little sister Angelina
As I said my little sister is an Erie Beauty from a Japanese doll company, nevertheless she's supposed to be Singaporean. That's because my friend loves Singapore very much and he says Singapore has the most nice girls per square mile. They are Asian beauty goddesses having a little bit of European beauty as well, Asian but not too much, and they are just too cute, just like this little doll. My sister's full name is Angelina Tsai. But that's just her "western name". Like Chinese, Singaporeans love to choose a western first name for themselves. Of course, she has a real Asian name as well, and that's Tsai Mei-Li Ying Ying. However, if you see this face, you'll understand why my friend was in love with her at once.

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