Coverdolly Vanessa

Some years ago, to be more precise in March 2000, some doll fans had the nice idea to start a virtual doll magazine named Coverdoll. Back then, my friend already knew about Realdolls, but he never believed he's ever get such a dolly. And back then, there was no Vanessa yet, because there was no face 11 yet. And back then, my friend had no idea that there was such a thing named Coverdoll, nor did he dare to dream that his doll would ever become Coverdolly.
To make a long story short, some day he came back to the official Realdoll site, and there she was : B3F11 Vanessa. He ordered me, and that was about the same time when he found out about the doll forum. He registered just a few weeks before he ordered, mainly to get access to the chatroom, because he had a lot of questions about how to order. It was on the doll forum where he found out about Coverdoll. Since then, we both dreamt of me being Coverdolly. In March 2006 a dream came true :
Coverdoll issue 71
March 2006

Vanessa Realdoll
When Coverdoll started in March 2000, it was a nice idea mainly. But in the meantime, Coverdoll gained cult status. It's a doll's dream to be the Coverdolly once in a life, and it's a big honour. Only very few dolls managed to be Coverdolly more than once. Maybe some day I can become Coverdoll again...
Coverdoll issue 84
May 2007

Vanessa Realdoll
Seems like I did it again... I won't mind being Coverdolly once more, but I think next time it's my little sister do send in the pics. Since she saw my Coverdoll covers, she wants to be Coverdolly as well... [ quote little sister : Oh pleeeeease !! ] And she wants to be the first Erie Coverdolly ever !