How to choose a name for dolly ...
your doll is just going to have a first name
go to 3.1.
your doll is going to have a first name and a family name
go to 2.1.

make sure that first name and last name fit together, like for example if you speak the complete name out aloud, it has to sound fluid and pleasant as a whole unit
your doll is going to have an Asian name : remember that Asians put the family name first, so make sure the first name really is a first name and the last name really is a last name, also make sure the first name and last name fit to the same nationality
if dolly has both a first name and a last name, or several first names, check her initials if they don't happen to compose some stupid abbreviation or word like Precilla Isabelle Grand would be P.I.G.

do you want dolly to ressemble or replace a certain special person that you have known ?
go to 4.1
you don't want dolly to ressemble anybody you've known in your real life
go to 5.1

dolly is supposed to be a girl you know, or your ex-girlfriend, or the girl next door you always wanted but never got... reconsider if you're sure about this, because feelings can change, and dolly can't replace that person anyway
dolly is going to be named after a celebrity : reconsider, because celebrities can go weird and do a lot of shit

if it's very important that dolly doesn't remind you of anybody,
go to 5.2, else go to 6.1.
if dolly is supposed to have a name that doesn't remind you of anybody, take at least a week to think about it, maybe there is some bitch having been named like that, and you just forgot about her...
if you're sure, go to 6.1.
also, consider if you want a name that is very popular or a name that's rare... the more popular a name is, the more you will have to think about the question if there was such a girl with that name in your life...
if you're sure, go to 6.1.

you mainly want a name that's nice to the sound, or something that you like for whatever the reason, and that's all you need... well, go ahead, lots of names out there to choose from, and here we go...
you want a name that you like and it has to have a nice meaning... there are a lot of website on the internet where you can search for the meaning of names... try to find out what the name means to avoid a shock later on if you accidentally find out...
go to 7.1
also reconsider if the pronunciation of the name is obvious or if it's that special that everybody will pronounce or spell it completely wrong...
if you're sure, go to 7.1.

dolly has a name of your own language, and it's a name derived from an European language... lots of names have a certain origin, like where the word comes from, for example "Angelina" is a "little angel", so check if this is okay, other names are used for other contexts as well, like "Vanessa" also being the scientific word for a genus of butterflies, so make sure you don't mind insects...
dolly is going to have an Asian name
go to 8.1.

a lot of Asian names are unisex, this means they work for both males and females... if you'd mind the name also working for males, take time to find out you choose something really female
once again make sure you've really chosen a first name, not a family name... names having a meaning, this is especially true for Asian names, but with most of them you can't go wrong, nevertheless make sure they mean something nice that you like or that you think fits well to a girl or doll, for example my sister's Asian first names "Mei-Li" and "Ying Ying" mean "very nice" and "golden oriole bird".
if you're sure, go to 9.1.

make sure first name and last name ( if any ) are from the country and language you think they are
if dolly is supposed to be from China or Singapore, go to 10.1.

in China and Singapore people talk Chinese, but Chinese either means Cantonese or Mandarin, two completely different dialects where the pronunciation and meaning of the Chinese characters may vary greatly, so make sure it works with what you want dolly to be...
Chinese people, and like that Singaporeans as well, love to choose a western first name for themselves, replacing the given Asian first name for the sake of all day convenience, especially when dealing with strangers... so you can also choose a western name in addition to the Asian first name(s), or you can skip those at all... for example, my little sister's correct Asian name is Tsai Mei-Li Ying-Ying ( with Tsai being the family name in first position ) and her chosen name for all day convenience is Angelina Tsai.
for further details on Chinese names, check out my little sister's website.