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I love Realdoll - kisses, Vanessa

Okay my friend, now listen... When you finished reading my website, go to the doll forum. That's a forum about Realdolls and all other kinds of dolls. There you find a large doll album with thousands of pictures what a certain type of doll can look like. Also make sure to see the doll matrix with lots of Realdolls listed by body type and face type. Create a doll forum account for free and post all your questions there, and somebody will know... No matter if your question is about choosing stats, hiding dolly at home, how to introduce dolly to your family, reliability of companies, durability of the products, tips how to care for dolly, tips for good doll sex, whatever the heck you may need to know...

The doll forum is the way to go !!

Here you'll find a lot of useful links about Realdolls and stuff. First off, Abyss, my creator, next the dollforum, the best place to meet me and all my sisters, and of course you'll get some links to some of my sweet sisters having a website too...

this is my link section

To get to the doll forum, click on the banner below !

Another very good website you shouldn't miss is Coverdoll. This is a kind of online magazine choosing one doll each month to be the new "Coverdoll". To be Coverdoll is every doll's dream and a big honor. But Coverdoll is so much more. They also publish reviews and there is a lot of information to be found.

To get to the Coverdoll website, click on the banner above !

Yet another good but relatively new forum website is done by Dollforum member Gibbmodoll, who has lots of dolls himself. To get to the UK Lovedoll Forum, just click on the banner below.

Yet another forum about dolls with lots of dollforum members around :

Websites owned by other Realdolls :