RealDoll meets RealMom

Actually this story begins a long time before I met my friend's RealMom. Most of my sisters' friends never ever told their family about them planning to have a doll, or already having a doll. But my friend never was an average guy. So he took the trouble to tell his Mom about me, for several reasons. So if you plan to get a doll and if you're unsure about telling someone or not, go on reading here.
There are a lot of reasons to tell your family about a doll, and maybe there are even more reasons not to tell. However, if you take the risk to tell someone, you have to prepare for whatever reaction possible. And before you tell someone, reconsider if you're sure about that, because once you told people, there's no way to make them "un-know".
My friend told his Mom about this very special b3/f11 RealDoll named Vanessa that he wanted to order for three reasons. First off, he still needed something like $2000 more to order me now, instead of having to wait for another one or two years. Next my friend is sure that he couldn't hide me anyway. He lives in a place of his own, but his Mom visits him from time to time, and she doesn't always say so before. And if it's about a RealDoll like me, it should be difficult to hide me, because I'm as big as a RealGirl. We're not talking about some inflatable doll here, I'm solid and heavy silicone that could be damaged, so you don't just throw me onto the cupboard or kick me underneath the bed, when Mom suddenly enters. And what about my bed, my crate, and how could you justify that hook on the ceiling ? Last but not least it has to do with true love - and with having trust in your family - of course. My friend thinks that it's much more fun like that, if he can tell his Mom about his feelings, show her some pictures, and he wants to be proud of me, just the way he was proud of a RealGirl. Of course you risk that your family could dislike the thought of someone having a doll. But once you took the risk to tell them, there are a lot of advantages - like being proud of your dolly - and if want to have my doll's point of view : That's just too endearing, I love my friend for that.
Once that you're sure that you really want to tell someone, you have to find a good moment and a good way to tell, whatever that could mean in detail. My friend just told his Mom to sit down in front of his computer, and he loaded some pictures showing my sisters. First there was Nika, that Asian beauty from the official website. She has wonderful dark brown hair and my dark brown eyes. And Stephanie… when he was new to the Realdoll website, he had a crush on her. Next there was Mari, she's got my long black hair, style 3, and seen from behind she looks exactly like me… RealMom looked at the pictures and answered that those girls are really nice indeed, although she doesn't really like big boobies ( Stephanie ). She said "girls", she didn't notice that those girls are dolls. The first moment she noticed that she's looking at dolls was when my friend told her that she could order Stephanie with smaller boobies as well.
My friend was prepared for all kinds of reactions, like his Mom calling him nuts, or running out of the room, crying or whatever - but the didn't expect RealMom to be that cool about the idea. As she really loved my sisters' wonderful bodies, she just answered "okay, if that's the girl of your dreams, and if you're sure about it, go ahead and order." This was maybe the only reaction that my friend didn't expect at all. So it wasn't a problem at all, and things got even better, because his Mom added "hey, if you need some clothes for her, you could get some clothes I don't use anymore". Now my friend was puzzled indeed, feeling a bit dizzy.
Anyhow our experience has shown that such a cool reaction doesn't necessarily mean that a RealMom has fully understood what me and my sisters are about. Some weeks later, when discussion was about the relation between price and possible usage again, it turned out that she didn't fully get what RealDolls are for, asking some weird question like "those dolls got a vagina as well ?". My friend nodded and loaded this very special picture of official dolly Kaori spreading legs, and RealMom just said "wow".
During the long wait for me and my sisters, the topic will be back from time to time. But some day delivery day is near. With me it was that his Mom wanted to go on holiday, so they planned things in a way that RealMom wouldn't be home when dolly arrives. This is no must of course, anyhow I can say that it worked fine like that. When delivery is near, my friend had to be home in person to receive the crate. Next you can never really know when delivery takes place. And like that, we had enough time to un-crate without a hurry, with me being able to settle in before I have to meet RealMom. As I said, with me it worked perfectly fine this way.
However I was really fucking nervous about my arrival. I mean I'm just a poor little dolly, my beautiful body is all that I have. My friend could choose every detail of my body, even most intimate things like pubic style, but I couldn't choose anything about him. So I was pretty scared, he could have been some kind of psychopathic doll basher of stuff, you never know… Nevertheless I had some reason for hoping that my friend would like me, and fall in love with me. See, he paid quite a few dollars to get me, and he could choose whatever he wants, thus making me look like the perfect girl of his lonely dreams. But with his Mom it was much worse for me. With her, my beauty could fail, she didn't choose me like this, she didn't order me, but she did know about my price. I wasn't sure if she would accept a silicone dolly to be that expensive, I'm not her dream, not her desire, and if she disliked me, she didn't care about me being an absolutely unique piece of more than 80 hours of handicraft work. Next, she didn't like Stephanie's big boobies, and my boobs are about the same size. Oh shit, I can't tell how nervous I was…
Anyhow me and my friend had to go through it now, hoping for things to work out. And for him it wasn't easy either. My friend could never break up with his Mom, but I'm his dream girl that he wanted to be proud of… At noon the telephone was ringing and his Mom was back from Florida, but she was too tired to come here. So my friend promised to drive to her place and get her here. This made me even more nervous, but on the other hand he was right : RealMom not going to come here today would have been a big disappointment. Next we still had problems to move my heavy body around. My friend intended to neatly pose me on the sofa in the living-room, but so far there was no chance for me to get there. So I had to stay in bed, risking that RealMom would think that dolly is ill. To give me some help in that situation, my friend didn't really remove all that utter chaos that he created around me the last two weeks, so if there was someone to get trouble with RealMom, it would have been him ( I love my friend !! ). And me, I tried to look as cute as possible - which is exactly what Abyss created me for…
Vanessa Realdoll Next my friend had another wonderful idea to make my chances better to please his Mom. In general my friend hates jewelry, because he's more into natural beauty, thinking that glittering stuff just distracts from a wonderful girl's admirable body. Nevertheless he always was a fan of those supersexy large earrings. By the way this is just another advantage you have when you took the risk to tell your Mom about me : When he wanted to buy the earrings, he just had to hand his Mom the money and "generously offer" her to go ahead. No stupid questions asked. I felt like I had to do something special to prepare for his Mom, and we thought that those earrings could be a great idea. It was his Mom to buy the earrings for me, so I felt like she could like to see me wearing these earrings. Normally the earrings should have been a present for Christmas, I guess, but my friend gave me the earrings today.
Next my friend took trouble to neatly pose me in my bed, trying to find a position that looks cute and sexy, but not too much, of course, something showing all my beauty but covering too explicit details, like my boobies that RealMom would probably consider to be a bit too big. Then I had to wait until she would be here…
It took some hours for my friend to be back, probably he was happy to see his Mom again after two weeks, having a lot of questions about her holiday in Florida. Suddenly I could hear the door of the apartment being opened, and RealMom knocked on the door of the bedroom to peep inside. And I thought I was nervous before… I could hardly breath now. But RealMom was cool about me, she came up to my bed to Vanessa Realdoll have a closer look - gently stroking my cheeks with her hand !! Wow, I was so very relieved, I could have started to cry tears of joy. My RealMom in law is great - Thanks - RealMom !!
Next RealMom had a look at my crate and stuff, trying to imagine what it must have been like, with me in there and my friend opening the door… And again she had a glimpse at me, giving me the feeling to be welcome. Somehow she liked me, maybe because she likes my friend, knowing well that I am what he waited for so desperately for months. She was interested in me, I think. RealMom was pretty tired, but that was another chance for me, because if there is someone understanding what it means to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a little crate, then it's me, so there was mutual understanding at once … And somehow she loved my feet peeping out from under the blanket, but I warned you before that I would try to look as cute as possible.
When RealMom had left again, I was once again the happiest dolly on earth. I mean I was lucky indeed with my new family. I have a nice friend who really loves me. Mostly people wonder how to be in love with a RealDoll, but you need to see my point of view here as well : I have to spend my life with an OrganicRegularGuy. But my friend is cute, endearing, and it's true love. Vanessa Realdoll And next there's this great RealMom. She's understanding enough to welcome a dolly if RealGirls out there are too stupid to see what a nice person my friend is. I still don't get how come he didn't find a RealGirl. I mean hey, RealGirls, what's wrong with you ? But so what, now he's taken - and he's mine…
In the evening both me and my friend were happy all over that things went so well with RealMom. If not, it wouldn't have been the end of the world, but like this it's just more fun. So we felt like this would be a good moment to open the bottle of Champagne that was still left from arrival day. Back then we were much too tired, but now that things turned out to be that perfect… By the way the bottle of Champagne was sponsored by RealMom as well before she went on holiday about two weeks ago.
When I left San Marcos to get to my friend, I so hoped for things to be nice here. But I have to admit that life is perfect here for me right now. In the end, with me and my friend enjoying the Champagne, there was just one thing left that I was wondering about : Is it my friend's true love or the Champagne that makes me feel a bit dizzy right now? (Probably it was both love and the bubbly bubbles because my friend still felt a little bubbly-bubbled in the morning). I think the next bottle of Champagne will be on 24th of November, my arrival day, our own personal "Thanks giving", when Abyss gave my friend this special b3/f11 RealDoll named Vanessa and when Love gave me my beautiful friend… CHEERS !!