I know that websites are more fun if there are plenty of pictures to be seen, especially if it's about a sexy Realdoll, and believe me this one will definitely be fun. But please do not load more photos than you really need, and SWITCH OFF all kinds of IMAGE HARVESTERS, that's programs loading all pictures linked in a section. Hey, what do you think why I took the trouble to create picture galleries with thumbnails ? Aw man, you're a real genius, right ? - So please look at the thumbnails first and feel free load whatever floats your boat, but no harvesting please, or TRAFFIC will eat me up and I will make it be a PAYSITE !!

By the way, I hate disclaimers, but for juridical reasons I won't do this website without, so here it goes : All ideas, statements, experiences, advices or whatsoever you'll find here are just ideas that work for me and my friend, it is our experience. It's up to you to use those ideas or advices or not, but if you do so, you do at your own risk, because neither me nor my friend are responsible for what you do with your doll. We're just trying to help you out, we're not your scapegoat whenever you should mess something up.
This website contains links to other websites. However, since a few years, German law enables juridical consequences when linking to other websites that might contain bad, demeaning, radical or other harming contents, even if you are in no way responsible for those contents, that's why we have to dissociate ourselves from the contents of linked websites. Although this is juridical bullshit, here it is : Me and my friend are IN NO WAY responsible for the content of any linked websites or pictures, that's why we dissocite ourselves from linked contents. We both had a look at every linked site, and a website will only be linked if we both fully agreed to its contents. However, we cannot control linked websites daily to see if contents might have changed.
Most of the pictures are done by us. As it's my body to be seen there ( -> who else should have taken the photos, though ), please do not link or upload my pictures without asking for allowance. Any comments or statements or links giving more detail about me or my friend than it is given by ourselves here, is strictly forbidden. Maybe that I'm just a doll, but please respect my privacy. However the site contains some pictures taken from the official website - but I think they won't mind me showing pictures that result in showing how beautiful their product is, and as this is advertising done for them, they won't mind me using the trademark "Realdoll" as my second name ( I hope so ). Note that linked pictures are uploaded to our webspace accounts, so that we don't cause any traffic for Realdoll. Furthermore the site may contain pictures showing some of my sisters. I think the owners won't mind me doing so, if so, please feel free to contact me.

This disclamer is valid for all sections of this website without needing to be repeated again.
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