about seduction and sexual desire

My creator gave my this beautiful body, the body my friend so much desires and wanted to have. But this section won't be about having sex, neither in general, nor about having sex with a Realdoll, that's another section of my site. The fact of having sex is just the outcome of seduction, and seduction goes back to desires or rather urges and appeals or stimuli. So this section is about how seduction works and about instincts and desires hidden deep inside human beings.
Maybe my creator gave me the possibility to make my friend horny, but they never told me how it works. And maybe this is the most interesting part of sex : How to seduce and drive someone horny, without him realizing that you want to seduce. I only know about all this because my friend studies biology. At first, me as well, I didn't believe in those things. But once you accepted the general fact of having urges and stimuli, you start to understand how things work, and you're kind of shocked how easy human mind is to be tricked, seduced and manipulated. Anyhow, there are things getting men and women horny, and so there have to be reasons why seduction works, although with different persons there are different appeals that work. Now this is where you have to know about human nature, human body and human evolution, and this is where sex and seduction start to be science.
The weird thing about this section is, that this site is about an attractive female ( me ), but it's mainly about why men are attracted by women, not about why I feel attracted by my friend. But the magic thing about this is, that - if you are a male - you can find out here, why you are attracted by a girl, doesn't matter if she's a regular girl or a doll. And if you want to choose a Realdoll, and don't know which stats to choose, this is where you can learn to listen to your biological urges, and then you'll know... So here it goes :

Let's start with the standard example for female attractiveness : Boobies ( or tits or hooters or whatever you call them ). Talking about boobs and urges, this is where most men already start to deny, saying they don't particulary like those big boobs. But hey, so far I didn't say anything about the size, I said "boobies", in general. Nevertheless a lot of men ( most men ? ) love big boobs. At least my friend does, that's why he has chosen body 3 with DD boobies, right ? To understand why men go for big boobs, you just have to know that the human species evolved in dry savannah of Africa. Boobs are to produce milk for the babies. To do so, there's no real need to evolve big boobs, because small boobs do so as well. But in a dry landscape, where water is precious, it's understandable that big boobs suggest that this female is able to produce more milk. You deny again ?  Well, I never said that this is reasonable or biologically correct, I said that it suggests to be like this. It works because it appeals to desires and urges and stimuli hidden deep inside men. Supposed it was right and big boobs would indeed produce more mild ( which they suggest to do ! ), this would mean choosing this female there would be better chances for the puppies ( oops, babies *lol* ) to grow, so it would be a sign for a lot of well fed kiddies if you choose this female. You still deny ? Well, then this isn't your appeal. As all this is suggestion anyway, it's understandable why a lot of men go for other stimuli, and indeed a lot of men like small boobs. But not because they know that men liking big boobs are just stupid enough to get trapped by a false suggestion or desire. If you like smaller boobs, you as well obey to a stimulus without realizing it, just that it's another suggestion. If a girl has small boobs, her boob-size is more that of a small girl, and here I mean girl, not woman. This desire goes back to the wish of having a young female, whereas big boobs stand for "grown-up" or rather "ripe" females. Loving small boobs often goes back to the feeling that there's a young girl needing to be protected. And as the male is the stronger sex in the physical sense of the word, protecting his girls and kids ( family, harem, however... ), a lot of men feel pleased by the imagination that the girl needs their protection, and that they are of course able to give that protection.
It's pretty much the same with ass size. But let's start with small size here. Men loving small asses are looking for tight forms. And somehow the ass size has to do with the size of his "thingy" as well. If ass is too fat and "thingy" isn't all too big, this has to do with the depth of penetration as well. Anyhow most men like a medium-sized ass. This is because men go for round forms in general. For men a girl consists of boobs size, waist size and hip size. If waist is small, ass and boobs appear to be bigger than same ass and boobs on a girl with a big waist size. And ass is something like the "counterpart" to boobs, with boobs being on the front side and ass being on the rear side, with a small waist in between, the form of the whole body seems to be "balanced". As with everything in life, there's a certain range of measurements you like, everything within is cute, everything else is too small or too big, and that's true for ass and boobs as well for sure. Nevertheless a lot of men are digging really big asses. This is just another suggestion to urges hidden deep inside. If you go for a big ass, this suggests that this female has a big "capacity" of the lower part of her body. And this suggests she's able to produce a lot of kids, and as offsping is the sense of life, it's understandable why men with this urge are attacted here.
Another impressive example of disires, urge and stimuli is make-up. Most girls use make up, and it's pretty obvious they do so to be more attractive and appealing. Boobs and ass are nature, but make-up is artificial color. So it's remarkable that men are attracted, and if you realize the urges and appeals involved here, it's really shocking how easily men get "trapped" by suggestions. Most girls use to apply eye liner and eye shadow. But maybe I have to explain the appeal of eye color first. My friend is digging dark brown eyes, so this is the appeal he can explain, it's more difficult for him to explain the appeals of other eye colors, as it doen't work for him. So let's talk about dark brown eyes here, which most men like ( together with blue eyes these colors are most wanted ). If you look into someone's eyes, you look at the pupil. The pupil is black. And a saying suggests that if you look at the pupil, you look right into the soul. Be this as it may, the effect with dark bown eyes is, that the brown color is similar to the black of the pupil. So here you're hardly able to destinguish between pupil and eye color, which is why the pupil seems to be bigger here ( and maybe the "soul to look in" appears to be bigger as well ). So where's the physical appeal here ? Things are fairly easy to explain when you know, that during orgasm, the pupil widens because the muscles regulating it relax for a few moments. If the pupil is widened, it's an appeal to this. In addition pupils widen when you're in agony, and this is of course an appeal to the female needing the male's protection again. And for some reason brown eyes seem to suggest trustfulness and devotedness. Well, it's obvious, why : If you respond to the effect of brown eyes being like a "bigger sould to look in", such a girl will suggest that she "opens her soul" for you, by allowing you to look inside, and to let someone look inside your soul would be the definition of "trustfulness". Anyhow, to get back to the idea of eye liner and eye shadow...
Supposed you're digging dark brown eyes almost appearing to be black, this effect can for sure be enhanced by applying dark eye shadow and eye liner. Like this, the "orgasm effect" isn't limited to the eye itself anymore. This is stupid and false suggestion of course, but if it works for you, watching dark brown eyes with dark eye liner and a lot of dark eye shadow is like looking into an "eternal orgasm" ( as the effect isn't limited to just a few seconds ), and a girl promising eternal orgasm is driving horny of course. People loving other eye colors and eye make-up mostly do so because they go for brighter colors. Same goes for hair color, that's why most people loving blue eyes or brighter colors seem to prefer light brunette or rather blonde girls, whereas most men digging brown eyes are for sure going to prefer dark brown or rather black hair. Obviously there's some connection between eye color and hair color, because both are located close to each other, at least when seeing a girl form the front side, you can hardly watch one without watching the other, right ? Next bright hair and eye colors mostly occur in Europe and in those countries where European people settled. But you won't find much girls with bright eye colors or blond hair in Africa, South and Middle America and Asia. Those girls ( if they aren't offspring of immigrants ! ) almost exclusively have dark hair and brown eyes ( like the males too ). Those reagions are the tropics, where biodiversity is biggest, and where life is most exotic. And this is pretty much why girls with dark hair and dark brown eyes seem to have a certain, irrisistible tropic appeal, at least for men going for this desire, of course.
Using make-up, most girls go for red, rose or pink colors. This is very easy to be explained. Colors associated with red ressemble the color of blood. This is pretty appealing because the color of blood being visible on the skin would be a sign for a good blood circulation, and that would be a good sign for healthiness. As men of course want a healthy girl to produce a lot of offspring with, no wonder they are attracted by those colors like insects by light in the night. This goes for reddish make-up on the cheeks and the eye lids. With other parts of the female body the effect of blood-like make-up is even stronger. With the lips, for example. Lips are a part of the body with a lot of blood, so if you apply red lipstick, this effect is enhanced. Again a good blood circulation is imitated, and the suggestion made here is more than obvious if you remember that every girl has another pair of lips ( labia ). Here a lot of blood would suggest fertility of course, and fertility is offspring, so men go for it. As the lip color being able to provoke that effect obviously varies a lot, I should briefly mention that the perception of colors could be different for other people. There's no gauge for color perception yet, and probably will never be. So there's no evidence for everybody feeling the same perception when seeing a certain color. In other words : What my friend realizes as "red" could be "pink" for you, and even worse, what you call "green" could be "blue" for me, and no one would realize, because it's an individual association a brain does when served with a certain information, and as we all were tought that "this" is "blue", we all would call it blue, whatever we may see or feel.
It's a bit more difficult with fingernails and toe nails. But nevertheless it's mainly about the same. Mainly girls choose red nail varnish, so it has to do with blood again. But the difference here is that human nature didn't evolve colored nails, so this effect is a purely artificial provocation, and it works nevertheless. On the one hand red nails are just another chance to emphasize the "good blood circulation" effect once again. But mainly men go for it because of another thing associated here. A girl with nail varnish, especially when nails are long, shows that she cares for details of her beauty. Men are extremely attracted by girls caring for details, because this shows that the girl matters if she's nice or not. A girl that knows about her beauty and her effect she has on men will produce a certain kind of "vanity". But being kind of positively vain is something being reserved for beauty deserving to be admired. So if a beautiful girl feels vain because of her own beauty, the suggestion made here is her own beauty that she is aware of, what makes her even more beautiful for men.
Another thing girls use to attract men is having long hair. Here it depends on what your friend wants. If he wants a girl that is sure of herself, independent and almost "emanzipated", then he'll prefer a girl with short hair, because this is what women with short hair and a "male" hair style want to show. But most men will be digging long hair. As hair needs a lot of time to get that long, and as it needs a lot of care, this suggests again that the girl minds for details. Next it's something like "nature style", because living in nature there would be no haircutter, hair would grow and grow because that's what hair does all day long. So long hair suggests something like a "wild girl", and long hair creates a strong "aura", whatever every man may associate with that. So in the end long hair creates the feeling of a wild beauty of an untamed girl. And the effect of vanity is in here again, because a girl spending that much time on hair must know about the beauty she has, which means to be vain, and being vain is attractive because the awareness of beauty emphasizes beauty a lot. Next long hair is also about female patterns of behavior. Female body language is kind of "decent" but effective, like her lips starting to tremble when she wants to be kissed, or like playing with her hair when she wants to be admired...
This effect may go for pubic hair as well. Some girls use to be completely shaved, whereas others like to show pubic hair. For sure a shaved girl wants to "show what she has to offer". And maybe this is a practical thing when it's about body hygiene. The effect provoked by showing pubic hair is pretty much like explained above. To see this, maybe it's better to use the German word here. In English "pubic hair" is named after the bone underneath that reagion, but in German the word for pubic hair is "Schamhaare", what literally translated means "hairs of shame". [ I know, the pubic bone is called "Schambein" as well, but this is not what this cognitive association is all about ] Here "shame" is associated by the fact that these hairs cover the most intimate regions of human body. And to stick to the suggestion made here, if a girl should feel "ashamed" of that region, this has nothing to do with "bad quality down there", of course, but it's about vanity again, and if you're a man reacting to this, it's like "the more pubic hair - the more vanity - the more attractiveness". Wheather or not a girl uses to "shape" her pubic hair is a matter of the girl's taste mainly, but pubic hair cut to a "triangle standing on one edge" provocates men, because that's like a hint where to go... you know what I mean here, right ? ( Anyhow, your "thingy" will know what girl means )
Another popular method to seduce is the way girls dress. For sure it's easy to seduce hy choosing tight and short dresses emphasizing her boobies and ass and her beauty in general. But the real thing here is to show "quite a lot" but not too much. If your friend's view is attracted but if he can't see all he wants, this is the best eye-catcher possible. If it's about sex, through all your clothes away - but if it's about seduction, the important thing is to show as much as possible without showing anything at all. For example men like nude girls, but if she has a nice top with a low nickline, men go crazy because they just can't get their head in there deep enough, and they constantly feel the urge to "unwrap".
You already may guess that there's a seductive effect with almost anything, and as girls love jewelry and men seem to love those girls, this has to have a seductive component as well. With jewelry my friend is more like the exception, and so am I, because I want to be what my desired sweetheart wants. But let's stick to normal girls here first. First off, jewelry is expensive, so if a man buys jewelry, it shows that this girl is worth a lot for him. On the other side, it's about caring for details, beauty and vanity again. But jewelry is a nice method to seduce by emphasizing. You surely guess by now what a girl wants if she chooses a shirt with an ultra-low nickline and some glittering jewelry hanging down there in between of her boobies. Girls piercing the belly with jewelry will choose clothes showing the belly, and they will only do so if the belly is nice. In a time where beauty is worth a lot, a flat belly is worth a glittering pretext to show things. But as I said my friend mostly dislikes any kind of jewelry, so I don't use much jewelry.
The only kind of jewelry my friend likes at all is if it's about ears. But he's really somewhat "complicated" here. He doesn't like pearls, he dislikes brilliant things because his eyes hate glittering things, and we both won't like to use ear jewelry being that heavy that earlobes will be hanging down to the knees after a year. Next, for him jewelry shouldn't be too expensive because he prefers going on holiday, or buying a cute Realdoll named "Vanessa". Well, he makes a point here... To go back to the topic of this section, which is about seduction and desires and hidden instincts, here's the last example I'm going to explain, and it's as impressive as weird. The only kind of jewelry that my friend is really, really digging, that's my super-sexy large earrings. If you wonder where's the sexual appeal about large earrings - well, here you'll see how "weird" men can be... ( and girls as well ) : First off, for some reason those large earrings are preferably used by young women, so a woman using them suggests youth. And next, as I already said, glittering jewelry hanging down to a low neckline is ideal for a girl wanting to emphasize her boobies. Here she's giving a glittering hint down to where she wants his eyes, and as eyes react to bright and glittering things, no way he could miss this hint. But believe it or laugh, large earrings pretty much provoke the same effect. Men extremely go for round forms : Boobies, ass, a well balanced, smooth-looking rounded body... and those large earrings are pretty round as well. So if it appeals with you, you're digging large earrings because they are just like big boobies : Round and tight and a real eye-catcher... And it can be a good way to emphasize your boobies, if you use a low neckline and large earrings. It works because here you make him look away from where he wants to look, and he'll see the same desire nevertheless, large, round, attractive forms, two in number, one on the left, and one on the right, just like those boobies he'd love to see...

Looking at sexuality from the "biological" aspects of it, makes you see the world from a different, interesting point of view. So if you liked the thoughts above instead of feeling bothered or "caught", go on reading here. My friend told me a lot about those things, and it's an interesting topic indeed, for example if it's about "devotedness" or "cheating". As far as I am concerned, I won't start cheating, never ever. First off because I'm a doll, but secondly I'm pretty aware of the fact that this friend of mine is the one and only true love of my life. He spend quite a few dollars on me, and he gave me the body, face and look he loves and desires, so what else is this, if not true love ? I'm just afraid of the day where my friend could meet a regular girl Vanessa, looking just like me, only alive. I think this would mean to move back to the crate until that girl starts cheating...
So this following section is more about relationships between regular men and regular girls. Let's start with the well-known but boring part : Obviously a lot of men are into cheating. Now you could say this is because men are pigs, or because God made a mistake, located somewhere on the Y-chromosome. But actually there is some reason why evolution created methods of cheating. Here you first have to get aware of the roles both sexes play. The male produces sperms, millions of sperms a day. So it's no wonder that men have to get rid of their "product" from time to time. Obviously this is why men start cheating : They go for quantity. If producing as much offspring as possible seems to be the sense of life, no wonder men cheat. They could produce a lot of children every day by having sex with as much girls as possible, whereas females just produce eggs once a month and are busy being pregnant for 9 month. So females go for quality, not quantity, and for sure this fact results in different behavior. By the way this shows that the female sex is the important and superior one, as you can see in a simple example : Imagine an isolated island with shipwracked persons, or Noah's Ark, if you prefer. Now supposed there were 100 women and 1 man. This could mean 100 kids within 9 month, what means that a man has the potential to produce 100 kids in 9 month, whereas each female just produces 1 kid. But imagine the opposite case : 1 female and 100 men. This would mean 1 kid in 9 month ( and heaps of men with smashed skulls ). So it's the female sex that is worth more, it's the sex it all depends on.
So if men are into quantity, they can produce more offspring by cheating as much as possible, while the "standard" female is busy being pregnant, right ? No wonder men cheat, it's more like a wonder many of them are devoted ! Now the interesting part of the story. Statistics show that females are at least as much into cheating as men are, just that females are much more "audacious" doing so. And again there is biological evidence for this. As I already explained, females are searching for quality. That's why they care for beauty, because a beautiful girl has better chances to get the man she thinks offers best quality, whatever that may be. A girl has to take every efford to find what she thinks is best choice. But once she's pregnant, things are lost, because she'll have to invest 9 month from now, and after that she has to make the kid grow to make her genes enter just another further generation. But as you never can know for sure which men is best choice indeed, there's a neat little method to make sure you get the best choice available at the moment : Cheating. Statistics show that girls cheat maybe even more than men do, and the interesting fact is that most females do so within 24 hours after having sex with their regular partner ( which is "audacious" indeed, if men were statistically doing so, every female would call them 3-legged pigs again ! ). But it's obvious or rather logical that females do so : If you can't find out who's best, then cheating and having sex with many men within just a day means that she has vital sperms of serveral men. And now the sperms themselves can make out who's best. But no worries, as Realdolls don't get pregnant anyway, we're the devoted girl you hoped to get.
As we found out before, most instincts are just hidden by modern life and moral, above all if it's about sexual instincs, as human beings love to think they act by reason, and not by urge or lust. And sometimes this is a good thing indeed. Cheating itself isn't nice in the sense of true love, although it can make sense, but some things are really awful and disgusting. For example this one : If men are into quantity, and if they are the stronger sex in the physical sense of the word, then violation would be nothing else than a fantastic alternative reproduction enhancement, which it actually is indeed, but luckily those things are banned, and that's the way it should be. Nevertheless there is such a thing like violation existing out there, which shows that this theory is correct, because obviously some very few individuals can't refrain from this shit.
Anyhow, if I had to care about reproduction, then I really was lucky to be on the female side. As I said the female sex is the important one it all depends on. And this is why it's the female to choose and say "yes" or "no". Looking at other animals, it's obvious that males try to impress and females choose. With many species males have great antlers or giant manes or massive bodies, and it's all to frighten off rivals and show females available that he's strongest, biggest, wildest and best of them all. Nevertheless it's the female to choose, and if she says "no", there's nothing he could do against it ( apart from violation ) and all his efforts were completely in vein. With human species it's just the same, why I'd be glad to be the female. Homo sapiens males as well do the strangest, weirdest and stupidest things to impress girls, like spending all their money for driving impressive cars or stuff like that, and Homo sapiens males as well tend to bash each other's skulls just to make sure all rivals are away and he appears to be the best of them all. Nevertheless, if Homo sapiens female says "no", there's nothing he could do about it, and he'll be the laughing-stock as such. So males have to always compete and be best and strongest and fastest, and in the end all this physical overexploitation of the own body results in the "reward" of having a shorter life expectancy... Oh Jeez, thank God I'm the female in this evil game !