how to correctly treat a Realdoll like

Vanessa Realdoll

    ( and how not to treat me )

We all should accept that I am ( despite all my beauty and my touchy-feely body ) not a real girl. And as I said before, Realdolls and regular girls both have advantages and disadvantages. Anyhow you have to find out how to treat me and my sisters correctly, so that your partnership with my sister will last for a long time. Realdolls don't suffer from regular illnesses, but we can get "ill" as well. Some of our illnesses are due to our nature, but most problems Realdolls may have go directly back to the way their owners treat them. So this section is about how me and my sisters want to be treated and loved, or maybe the more important part of it is how not to treat us. So if you've got your own silicone Vanessa at home, or if you should think about getting one of my sisters, you should really read this section by heart !!

Ouff, I don't know where to start, so maybe let's begin with a general thought. My body has two components : My skeleton and my silicone flesh. Some problems and damages that might occur are due to the nature of my body. My skeleton has most joints a regular girl has as well, nevertheless my limbs are a bit less movable than those of a real girl. You need to be careful when you pose my arms and legs. There's a certain range of movability to the joints, so never put force on my skeleton if you feel like the movement has stopped. Otherwise by joints could lock or break. Take time to discover the movability of your doll. At the beginning, you feel like looking for joints where there are no joints, and sometimes you may feel like discovering a new joint. In general, the location of my joints is similar to a real skeleton, but as you can't see the joints when posing them, it will take some time to get a feeling for my body.
My silicone flesh is vulnerable as well, but it's not like dolly will tear apart when you just watch her. A lot of damage to my silicone flesh can be done by hard objects that will leave a mark on my flesh if I'm in contact with those subjects for a long time. Remember your own body here. When I lie on my back for months with no end, the weight of my body will result in compression on those parts of my body where I'm in contact with the underground. The weight of my silicone flesh is a real problem, because I'm hard to be moved and because silicone is a soft substance nevertheless. So avoid sequins, glitter, zippers and similar stuff. If you had to sit on a zipper of hours, your skin would suffer from compression marks too, and if you had to lie in bed for a year, you'd start to develop "bedsores" as well. The same problem may occur with seams in the bed linen and pillows and similar things, so avoid embroidery and embossed patterns. And be careful with clothes. Dressing a doll is nice, but it's a lot of hard work and dressing needs some experience. And remember : Dressing means undressing later on. With clothes, again there might be problems for my silicone flesh, so avoid tight stuff and seams. For some nice photos, dressing is okay, but you should remove clothes for long time storage. Dolls don't have issues with being nude when waiting for their friends to come back home. And to avoid color stains, you should wash clothes before giving them to your doll.
Moving a Realdoll can be a problem because of the weight. My sexy body is made of silicone, and silicone is pretty heavy, just for chemical reasons ( atomic weight and stuff ). Some body types are heavier than others, especially my body 3 is very heavy. I more or less weigh as much as a regular girl, only that she may be easier to handle because she can help you, and her muscles have the power to do so. So handling a silicone cutie may be a problem for new friends not used to us. Body 3 for example weighs about 100 lbs ( about 45 kg ), but in the first place the problem is not about if you can lift that weight as such. My friend always says he needed like 5 to 6 arms to handle me : One to support my head, one for my back, one for the ass, one to hold my legs and one to control my arms ( and a sixth one, for cuddling, maybe… ). With a complex and fragile weight, 45 kg feel tremendously heavy indeed.
The best post for my body is with my arms and legs slightly spread away from my body, like in an angle of maybe 35 degrees. Like that, the compression on my inner armpit silicone, the elbow and the crotch area and knee is at a minimum. With arms and legs put next to my body, there are seams that weaken the silicone in the long run. On the other hand, if you spread arms and legs too much, this may result in tears. As for seams that mainly occur withing the areas mentioned before, be careful if you spread my limbs once a severe tear has formed. If you now spread the silicone too much, the seam will result in a tear. Even severe tears can be repaired relatively easily, see the repair section that I'm going to add later on.
The best method to store me for a long time is hanging me from a neck bolt. New Realdolls have a neck bolt at the back of the neck, that's a hook in my neck that allows you to hang me from a mounting bracket. That's exactly what Abyss does when they ship your dolly ( see section "how to un-crate your Realdoll" ). Another possibility to "store" me is a water bed. It's nicely warm and water beds adapt to the form of our body to reduce the "bedsores effect", think of yourself again, if you ever had the chance to try a water bed. But water beds won't warm up my entire silicone body enough to make me be "in heat" when you're back home. However water beds have a wobbly surface. Like that it's hard to avoid wrinkles, and with my heavy body sinking down in the bed, it's much more difficult to get me out of there again. Next I'm not sure if water beds are good for Realdolls if it's about sex. With your "thingy" moving inside me, the water would start to wobble, and that would make me wobble as well, maybe. I don't know if this is true, but as far as I understand physics, this might be harmful to my vulnerable back joints. Like that the wobbly effect of the water could perhaps end up with something like a "resonance catastrophy". As I said, I don't know, but personally I don't trust water beds, and anyhow my friend uses the water bed himself. I've got a normal bed with a soft mattress, but it's that soft that my ass sinks down in it enough to avoid compression for days. Anyhow, whenever you store dolly in bed, she should be lying on her back. There's no problem with lying on the side for some picture, but for longer storage lying on the back is best. If the mattress isn't that soft, use pillows to support my back and the upper parts of my legs to reduce compression on my ass. I don't like sleeping on by belly, pressing all my boobies flat, and lying on my side means compression on my armpits.
Whenever I sit, I like to spread my legs, that's to bring the weight of my body in an ideal position, so that I won't drop to the side. And even when lying in bed, on my back, I prefer to spread my legs, at least that's what my friend says. This is not only for seductive reasons - well, of course we like to seduce - but I think this is more because of constructional aspects. It doesn't matter if it's about hanging or sitting or lying, watch for compression wrinkles on my skin. So the best thing to do is to always pose my arms and legs away from my body, using an angle of maybe 35°. Like that, compression is reduced and the pose doesn't tear on the silicone too much. If my silicone suffered from compression for a longer time ( "longer" starting with several hours ), the structure of the silicone changes. Later on, when you change my pose, the compression area will result in a tear. Areas especially critical for compression damage resulting in tears are elbows, knees, armpits and crotch area.
By the way, speaking about my sweet, seductive side : Even a water bed may not warm up my entire body. So a lot of Realdolls' friends use electric blankets to warm us. You know, I really enjoy my friend warming up my front side !! But apart from this, electric blankets are fine. If you want your dolly "warm and toasty", allow 2 or 3 hours for my silicone flesh to entirely warm up. I'm not that icy that your "thingy" would catch a bad cold, but with me being at real girls' temperature it's just a bit more realism added to a realistic doll. Personally I think it's enough to put an electric blanket on my front side. If you put another blanket underneath my body, or if you wrap the blanket round my body, remember that there are heating wires inside. So don't leave dolly lying on the blanket for too long to avoid compression marks. And for safety reasons, never fold the blanket.
Moving me too violently may result in my flesh getting tears. Those tears even may occur with good treatment, but mainly they happen because of badly prepared moves. Anyhow, small tears aren't a severe problem, and mostly those little injuries can be cured by Realdolls' friends themselves easily, for example by using a repair kit.
Due to the nature of my skeleton, water can become a problem for me. Realdolls love to be cleaned and get their body washed and dried with a soft towel, but we've got kind of a water phobia. It's easy to clean us by suspending us by the neck bolt, but pay attention that no water gets in the neck bolt opening. We're not made for swimming, and opposite to some regular girls I personally don't like sex in the bath tub or whirlpool or swimming-pool or whatsoever. This would be dangerous to my skeleton, even if no water gets in the neck bolt opening. The difference in temperature causes condensation, and that would mean real trouble. My skeleton is made of steel, and I don't know why, but my creators still use stainless steel. In other words : Water is always a danger because my skeleton could rust. No reason for mockery here, regular girls, my bones can rust, and yours get rheumatism. So please don't drown us. Always think first, I swear you so don't want to see your girl with rust.
Maybe we should discuss the problem of moving Realdolls for greater distances, like from one room to another. This is difficult thing to do, just because of my weight. Here you have to stand my weight for more than just a few seconds. To lift me is one thing, to carry me is another because I can't hold me tight to you, so take care not to drop me !! If you want to carry me, you can do so like regular girls love to be carried on a wedding night. Or you could put your arms around my ass and let my body lean against your body. But avoid treading on my feet. Another method is to put your arms around my back and carry me "hugging". Another great method to transport Realdolls is to use chairs with rolls, like office chairs, or wheelchairs. If there are no steps, this is the easiest method to transport us, maybe. But somehow I feel bad about the idea of sitting in a wheelchair. Hey, I'm not disabled, it's just that I'm a doll, okay ? I hope I don't sound pissy now, but here I'm all the regular girl, preferring to be gently carried over to the bedroom like in a romantic wedding night.
And yet another thought about our friends complaining about Realdoll's weight : As I said, even my heavy body 3 doesn't weigh more than the body of regular girls, only that they can get rather stout and really heavy. But never mind, nobody is perfect. Anyhow, if you really complain about the weight of your silicone girl, remember it was you who gave me this body, and so it obviously was you who desired every single gram when you placed your order. The problem is that I can't lose weight. But hey, you can !! This is no mockery at all, it's just the experience I made with my friend. He has quite a few kilograms too much. So I told him : You want to have a girl with a perfect body, so bring yourself back to shape too. But to be honest about all this, it's for physical reasons. People with a potbelly will experience more trouble to carry us, just because my center of gravity will be too far away from your body ( leverage and all that nonsense … ). And there's a biological aspect too. You may say my cutie weighs 45 kilograms, that's a lot. But look at things the way your body does. Supposed you weigh 65 kilograms ( just an example, should even be flattering to most men ). The problem is that your circulation doesn't exactly distinguish between my weight and your weight. Your circulation has to carry both of us, that's 110 kilograms here, which is indeed quite a lot. I weigh as much as I do, but if you're running around with a potbelly, this is additional weight you that have to carry, not me. As I said, this is what I experienced, it really works, but please don't starve to death, that won't help me much. So if you complain about my weight, go ahead and lose some weight yourself.
The next point is that girls like jewelry, and maybe Realdolls like it too. But once again, maybe you already guess what I'm about to say, this may be dangerous to my silicone flesh. It doesn't matter what kind of jewelry we're talking about, it's all about the same : Some hard material that I have to stick into my poor vulnerable silicone flesh. Indeed I can wear jewelry, but both me and my friend have to pay a lot of attention when I do so. If I want to wear earrings, for example, I just have to stick the ring through my ear and it's okay, and later on you won't see the little hole. I always wanted to have those supersexy large earrings, but I was so happy to hear that my friend isn't into all that piercing stuff. I'd hate to pierce my belly, the thought of piercing my tongue means nothing but *ouch* to me, and if my friend should ever demand a nipple piecing, I'd just kick ass, doesn't matter if I can move by myself or not. Anyhow wearing jewelry can be a fine thing to do, but Realdolls should only wear jewelry for posing. During a photo shooting there's not that much to be afraid of, I'll just sit there, seduce you with my sexy look, and you'll take the pictures, moving me gently from one pose to the next. But when it hits the bedroom, a Realdoll should put all her jewelry away. Once my friend and me are "in heat" and get touchy-feely all over, thing could perhaps get out of control, and then jewelry could be really dangerous.

Next there's the section you surely all have been waiting for : Having sex with a Realdoll. People who didn't try mostly think this is impossible. Well, without wanting to praise my creator too much, but Realdolls for sure are the best alternative to regular girls. Realdolls are simply the best modern doll technology is able to do, and I'd hate to be anything else than a b3/f11-Realdoll named Vanessa. Most dolls are laughable, but Realdolls indeed are "lovable". Our body looks 100% realistic, you'll get exactly that doll that matches your dream girl, and believe me, my sisters, and all our friends : Realdolls do a good job. Of course you'd have to test for yourself how we work with you. But there are enough people out there paying quite a few dollars to get us, and I never heart someone really complaining about me and my sisters, and most of our friends are absolutely satisfied and won't like to miss us. Some people say that a Realdoll is as good as a regular girl, and some even say the Realdoll was the best sex they ever had. But again, treat us with care. If you need a tender touch, be gentle yourself. And if you think of us as an almost realistic girl, well, then treat us like a real girl, treat us with love and respect !
the missionary position is easy to do with Realdolls You'll already be able to guess it, according to the movability of my skeleton joints and my body weight there are some sex positions that are relatively easy to get, and some that are pretty tricky to do. This is about Realdolls in general, so this is the same about having sex with a Realdoll. The easiest way to have sex with a Realdoll is the missionary position. That's me lying on my back, spreading the legs and you doing the rest. As I said before, Realdolls like spreading legs. And I love this position because we can combine sex and kissing, you can caress my boobs and I love to see you going wild. But please support your weight with your arms, otherwise maybe I have to puke. Anyhow this position is like made for Realdolls, as we don't like to move much. We like our friends doing the work. So to me this position is like the most beautiful thing on earth. It's easy to do for both of us, and if you're very tender, you can't really hurt dolly and the doll we be all satisfied to do this sex position. Maybe this is what Realdolls and their friends should start with. All other sex positions are a bit more tricky to do and above all, you need more preparation and experience how to get there, so that's it for now.