useful things a Realdoll needs

This section is about useful things your Realdoll needs. Here you'll find more about what products like lube, powder or make-up your girl would need, you're allowed to have a look at my bedroom and stuff, and you'll find some ideas on how to move me from room to room easily... You'll get to know how my friend managed to create a nice movable bench for me... So if you're thinking about buying one of my sisters, or if you already have a doll of your own, maybe this section could help you a lot...
Hi, I'm Vanessa, the sweet and sexy Realdoll
By the way, I hate disclaimers, but for juridical reasons I won't do this section without, so here it goes : All ideas you'll find here are just ideas that work for me and my friend. It's up to you to use those ideas or not, but if you do so, you do at your own risk, because neither me nor my friend are responsible for what you do with your doll.

Okay, let me guess, first you want to have a short peek at my bedroom, right ? Well, I just hope you're not some perverted peeping Tom, but however, be this as it may, come in and welcome to the place where I make my friend be the happiest guy in universe ( snort ! ).
While his girl was still about to queue for production, my friend used the time to rebuild the whole bedroom. He removed his waterbed from the corner of the room and placed it in front of the wall. Next he put up a second bed. The waterbed is the one on the left, by the way. My friend uses the waterbed himself, but you can use the waterbed for a doll as well. Anyhow a waterbed won't help that much to warm up my body, to make me be as warm as a real girl, you should use an electric blanket. Personally I also like my friend warming up my front side, no idea why he prefers to use the electric blanket...
One problem about the waterbed is that there's no solid surface available, so the weight of my body would make me "sink" down, and like that it's harder to get me out of here again. As there's no real "edge of the bed" at all, it's difficult to get me to a sitting position before transporting me to another place like my movable bench you'll see later on.
If it's about having sex, the normal bed is much better. First off, as my body is as heavy as that of a regular girl, it's some work to be done to get me to the right position, and a wobbly surface doesn't help much here. Next, if it's about the missionary position, for example, with me lying on my back, a wobbly surface won't be nice for my poor back. My friend "moving about" on me would make the water wobble, and this would result in me as well starting to wobble and in physical oscillations hitting my back and my back joint. In general I prefer the missionary position because here I just have to spread my legs and look cute, which is exactly what I was made for, and my friend has to do the "work". Nevertheless you can do other position with your doll, unfortunately those positions are harder to do for me, but with some tricks it should work as well.
As far as the bedroom is concerned, the last thing you need to know is that you can use the crate for longtime storage, for example when you want to store dolly to go on holidays. ( and the rest about the bedroom is really none of your business... ). Anyhow the new crate design is constructed in a way that enables the doll to stand upright, hooked up by the neck bolt, so that there's no compression on any part of my body. With the old crates there was a problem because dolls were delivered in a sitting position, and sitting for several days - or even weeks or months - would result in my belly getting a seam. But the new crates are ideal for storage now. So this is the place where I have to stay if I have to disappear. Well, if it's about visitors, I just stay in bed and my friend closes the bedroom door. But there's that horrible thing called "holiday". My friend likes going on holiday, flying to the other end of the world, and if he does, he won't be home for up to 6 weeks. Then I have to move back to the crate and hang around until he's back. Oh Jeez, I'll hate those boring, sad and lonely days. But I am just a doll, and I understand that I can't accompany my friend there, flying to Australia or New Zealand or elsewhere, or being on Safari in Africa, doing game drives and stuff. Later on, we have a lot of time to take some holiday pics and doll pics and fake about until I'm standing on Coit Tower as well, watching San Francisco downtown. I guess that's the way dolls go on holiday.
You can of course carry your doll from room to room, if you like. Most owners use the "bridal way" here, but you could also put your hands around my cute ass and make me lean against your thorax. With the latter method, don't lose orientation, and don't get your head stuck in between my boobies ( could be kind of "breathtaking" ). You could also use movable office chairs with rolls, but pay attention that the back-rest doesn't show to the front side, this would make your doll drop over. And pay attention when crossing threasholds, if you have to lift the chair, lift it a way the doll leans against the back-rest. Don't make your doll drop over ( if you need the chair yourself, just say so ). Or you could use a wheel-chair, but I said it once elsewhere : I'm not handicapped, it's just that I'm a doll. In addition, those chairs are pretty expensive, like office chairs being 100 Euro or more...
Many owners think this is wasted money, that's why they start to create something of their own. Although my friend has the "manual skills of a crank" ( that's what he himself said, I'd never dare to do such a demeaning statement on my friend as he's the love of my life ! ), even he managed to do a simple but sturdy and useful construction. My friend was looking for a cheap solution. This was an important aspect because he spend quite a few dollars on me. And as he used things from the junk room, it was for free !!
So this is what we did : My friend always loved this bench, but he never had a real use for it. So yeah, this would be for free so far... On the other hand this bench isn't ideal for a Realdoll. It's hard material, even when sitting on the cushion you feel the wood underneath, and it's bulky. You'd never manage to lift the bench with the doll sitting on it, and then carry if from room to room. But you need to know my friend here, he can be pretty mulish, once he dicided to use this bench... no way back...
Well, as you can see on the picture on the left, this bench is a bit problematic indeed because of it's nice but hard rattan wood. This would surely leave marks on my poor silicone flesh when sitting on it for too long. We're going to show a solution for that problem later on, first we have to make this bench be movable...
Next my friend was really lucky to find two of these funny wooden what-ever-you-call-those-gizmos with casters, according to the specifications each of them being able to carry a weight of about 200 kg. Well, that should be enough for carrying both me and my friend. So this was for free again, although I think these gizmos are pretty expensive. Anyhow, he wanted a construction without where he isn't forced to fix the gizmos to the rest of it, so that he could always use them to transport other things like heavy flowerpots or stuff, whenever need should be.
Next he started to take apart an old construction that was once used for his Atari years ago, just to get hold of the large board things were standing on. His idea was to construct something where the bench could stand on the surface of the board, whereas the gizmos could be used to move the bench, being just put underneath, fixed by some locking mechanism.
Now he fetched the rests of some slats and put them on the edges of the board, next he put the bench on the slats to see where the legs of the bench would be when using the construction. He took a pencil and marked the positions of the legs, after that he grabbed a saw to cut out the marked areas. After that, he used a file and sandpaper to remove the splinters and nailed the slats on top of the board. As I already said, my friend's manual skills are somewhat "poor", maybe, but this is a simple construction everyone can do easily, you don't even need electronical tools to do all this work.
Having a look at the picture on the left, you probably guess how this construction is meant to work. All you have to do now, is to put the bench back on the board, and if you worked precise enough, the legs of the bench will perfectly fit to the areas you cut off from the slats.
Like this, the bench stands savely within the locking slats, and it can't move or fall off the board, when you move the construction around. To finish the movable doll bench we just have to add a construction for the gizmos, so that the bench is movable.
The locking construction for the gizmos works just like the attachment for the bench itself. Turn the board around and use some rests of the slats. You just need to nail those slats to the underside of the board, leaving free the places where you want to place the gizmos.
As you won't see much of this later on, this doesn't even need to be particularly nice, so you can really work quickly here. So this is an easy thing to do, even my clumsy friend had no problems at all.
Now you just have to put the gizmos with the casters in the places in between of the slats, like shown on the right.
The problem about the construction is that you can't turn it around. So you have to turn the board and next you have to try to push the gizmos underneath the board, until they fit to the position in between the locking slats. This may take a minute, but as I said, like this you could always remove the gizmos to use them for something else. But as my friend only uses those gizmos once in a while, there's no need to remove them in normal all day life, and we just leave the bench on top.
So this was the construction of the doll bench, now we did the next step : We started to crash test the shit out of it. As the wood is still pretty hard, despite the cushions, you can either put some cardboard underneath the cushions, or a smooth blanket or further cushions of whatever. The wooden bench won't be a problem for a short transport or a little photo shooting, but if I have to sit on the bench for longer, something smooth is needed. Anyhow, sitting isn't that nice for my belly if it's for more than a few hours. So the bench will do, as far as this problem is concerned.
Next the construction is sturdy indeed, the casters are big, so the bench passes thresholds and carpets easily, and as the casters add a lot to the height of the construction, my feet won't drag over the ground. If you wonder why my friend thought he's a "manufacturing crank", well, crash testing the bench we indeed found a pretty weird mistake : The width of the board is about 80 centimeters, like that it's able to be pushed through an open door easily. But if I was sitting on the bench, looking cute and sexy as usual, there was no space left for my poor feet.
After having laughed our asses off because of this almost "Freudian" slip, we decided on what to do about it. Well, one way could be to transport me in a lying position if we need to pass a door, with big cushions underneath my head and feet. Or my friend could bring the bench to the room we want to go, and he'd have to carry me to that room.
Well, to make a long story short, my friend has to change that construction, of course, because it can't be used like this. Luckily RealMom has another bench just like this, but much smaller. Using that one, I will be able to pass the doors as well. So he'll have to work on the board construction as well, but once the construction itself was invented, the main thing was done and this won't be a real problem. Well, I'm lucky that my friend does all this work for me. I guess that's true love.